Member Update, 3 February, 2013; Negotiations update

MEMBER UPDATE February 3, 2013


StFXAUT chief negotiator Brad Long and executive member Mary Oxner were back at the table Sunday afternoon to discuss various elements of our contract requests with university negotiators. The discussion focused on the retirement incentive and other issues. The administration has committed to table a complete package on Tuesday, February 5. This is the first time in the entire eight-month process administrators have done so. The package will be received by our full negotiating team.


StFXAUT president Peter McInnis said, “These talks show that our strike action to get the administration back to the table has been successful. We hope this time we can reach a tentative agreement that is fair and just for all our members.”  Meanwhile, union members are encouraged to remain focused on their roles in continuing the strike action to ensure constructive collective bargaining occurs.


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