February 3, 2013


The StFXAUT is issuing a weather advisory to all striking members for Monday February 4, 2013. Please read the Environment Canada blizzard warning below, and the instructions to picket teams, drivers, HQ staff, and the kitchen team that follow.


Environment Canada blizzard warning:

“Blizzard conditions expected Monday afternoon and evening with snow blowing snow and winds gusting to 100 km/h.

“This is a warning that blizzard conditions with near-zero visibilities are expected or occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions. Listen for updated statements.

“A low pressure system will develop southwest of Nova Scotia today and will intensify rapidly tonight and Monday as it moves over the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Snow at times heavy will develop [Sunday] afternoon and evening through central eastern and northern sections of Nova Scotia. Over Eastern Nova Scotia and Cape Breton the snow will change to freezing rain and then to rain tonight. The rain will change back to snow during the day Monday as very strong northwesterlies develop and colder temperatures return. Blizzard conditions can be expected Monday afternoon and evening in Antigonish County and the Cape Breton Highlands.”


Instructions to Striking AUT members:


1. Please check your emails frequently through Sunday and Monday; we will work to keep you updated on weather conditions and strike activity.


2.   Depending on the conditions, we will attempt to maintain a presence at picket sites, the HQ and kitchen, even if it is reduced. But we will not send members into unsafe conditions.


3.    For members who must travel to town, DO NOT attempt to drive if road conditions are unsafe. Please advise your picket captains or team coordinators (drivers, kitchen, HQ staff) ASAP if you cannot make it in. You can also call the HQ at 735-3031.


4.  If you can make it to HQ safely, please report for your regular shift; if we cannot send you out, we will conduct debriefings for all teams at the HQ.


5. If conditions become too severe, we will suspend all strike activity until Tuesday.

6. Please use your common sense in determining whether conditions are too dangerous. No members will lose strike pay for weather-related cancellations on Monday.


For more information on weather conditions:

Environment Canada weather office: