What is the Academic Mission?

What is the Academic Mission?


The academic mission is about preserving and supporting faculty and all the people and resources that help ensure the success of our students and of our research programs. It is also about future investment, including human investment. Our academic mission is the provision of a learning environment that encourages innovative, critical thinking, learning and research. The academic mission also ensures student-centered learning environments, and a supportive culture of academic freedom and opportunities for professional development for faculty members.



Who is the University?


University faculty at StFX are not just employees or staff. Faculty are elected members of all University committees, and elected members of the Senate and the Board of Governors. Faculty are co-administrators and co-planners at StFX. The university is not the administration – faculty, staff and students are all important stakeholders who make valuable contributions to the university and how it operates. Unfortunately, the principles of collaborative decision-making have been systematically eroded.



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