C. Tellum, Class of ’92; response to alumni letter

Letter sent to the Office of Alumni Affairs in response to their message:


Dear Fellow Alumni,



Having just read your message, I felt the need to protest. Your recent message regarding the current strike at our alma mater gives the impression that the alumni of StFXU side with the administration rather than the striking faculty. In my case, nothing could be farther from the truth. The faculty have been negotiating a contact for several months now with no resolution in sight. The AUT found itself in a legal position to strike and, finding itself at an impasse with administration, exercised this option. I wonder how much leverage you suppose the AUT would have in negotiations were they to return to a normal class schedule as you suggest? From what I know of the negotiations, the figures you present in your letter do not represent the whole truth and fail to address the real issue of benefits and job security.

In the future, I would request that you contact the alumni and poll them before issuing any such letters/communications. Misleading blanket statements such as the screed your office issued can only serve to inflame rather than resolve the current labor dispute. Also, I would ask that you further consider what Coady/Tompkins would think of your actions? Where would they side, do you suppose?




Craig Tellum
Class of 1992