From Spring 2016 edition of The Beacon

  1. The deadline to submit the StFXAUT Sponsorship Application Form is October 1st. The StFXAUT invites sponsorship requests from organizations committed to education, labour, social justice, and community development.
  2. The Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) offers Health and Dental Benefits for Retirees. To learn more about monthly premiums for residents of Nova Scotia, please click here.
  3. Remember to access your Professional Development Fund (PDF). Article 1.22 of the Third Collective Agreement entitles each member to an expense account, against which you can submit a PDF Expense Claim Form for reimbursement of expenses such as travel, iPads, laptops, software, professional registration fees, conference fees; and graduation robes.
  4.  Please remember to send your event notices and campus updates to the StFXAUT list serve to keep all members informed.