President’s Message

Originally published in the Summer 2016 edition of The Beacon.

The beginning of any academic term is, for most, an exciting time of year as we welcome new students and new StFXAUT members, introduce new instructional strategies and elements into our courses and labs, and continue the journey of developing students’ skills in communication, critical thinking, analysis, and so on. The Fall term of 2016 has some additional excitement as our Nursing Faculty and Nurse Educators will move into their newly-renovated space on campus. In the fall of 2016, we also anticipate the completion of our Fourth Collective Agreement.

Following the Annual General Meeting in May 2016, the committees of the StFXAUT have been busy. During the summer, the Executive and the Negotiation Support Committees have met on a regular basis for both general AUT business and with the Negotiating Team (Ken MacAulay, Chief Negotiator, Christie Lomore and Kris Hunter). The Communications Committee met to prepare a quarterly issue of the Beacon along with two Bargaining Bulletins. The Social Affairs Committee was preparing for our first social for this academic year, and the Grievance Committee and the Chief Grievance Officer continue to address a continuous flow of potential issues.

I am in the beginning of my first academic year as President of the StFXAUT, and my initial experience of the scope of the position is that it is daunting but manageable. I am impressed with both the infrastructure that has been built by the Presidents and Executive Committees before me and the number of members who are dedicated to the work of the StFXAUT. Further, the support of Susan MacKay, StFXAUT Executive Assistant, is invaluable.

I enjoyed seeing everyone at our first social of the academic year and look forward to seeing you again at our next regular meeting of members on September 19th.

In solidarity,

Mary Oxner
StFXAUT President