Noteworthy dates May 2024

Please note the following deadlines and dates of interest in the 6th Collective Agreement (CA)

May 31st:
More specifically, the Chair or Coordinator shall:
b) in consultation with the Dean of their Faculty and with their Department/IDP, determine the courses of instruction to be offered by the Department/IDP in each academic year: The CCD shall, by May 31, inform each Faculty member in their department/IDP in writing of the Faculty member’s teaching assignment for the forthcoming academic year, after receiving the approval of the Dean for that assignment. No change shall be made to a Faculty member’s teaching assignment without the approval of the Dean. No change shall be made in the four week period before the beginning of the academic term, without the consent of the Faculty member, which consent will not unreasonably be denied. For Faculty members appointed after May 31, CCD shall inform these Faculty members in writing, within fifteen (15) days of the effective dates of their appointments, of their teaching assignments for the forthcoming academic year, after getting the approval of the Dean for the assignment. (Article 2.0.2 Chairs of Departments, Coordinators of Interdisciplinary Programs and Assistant Director, School of Nursing:2.3 b))

Notices for both spring and summer sessions shall be posted on or before March 1; for fall term courses and full year courses, on or before May 31; and for winter term courses, on or before October 15. (Article 2.10 Part-Time Academic Instructors:2.2.3)

No Faculty member shall resign effective after September 1 or before May 31 in any academic year without a bona fide reason. (Article 2.3.3 Resignation:3.0)

In the event a Faculty member applies for and is otherwise qualified for a sabbatical leave but the leave is not granted because of the application of the provisions of clause 1.1 or 4.0, that Faculty member shall receive priority consideration the following year. In this case, that Faculty member does not need to reapply the following year; however they are required to send a letter to the CCD, appropriate Dean, and Chair of the University Council for Research (UCR) indicating revisions or updates to the sabbatical plan or withdrawal of the sabbatical application by May 31. The Chair of UCR will respond within thirty (30) days. It is the Faculty member’s obligation to initiate a new request for a sabbatical leave when the previous request has been refused for reasons other than those given in paragraphs 1.1 or 4.0. (Article 2.4.1 Sabbatical Leave:1.2)

Following approval by the Dean, All Laboratory Instructors and Senior Laboratory Instructors returning the following Academic Year shall be given their teaching assignments from their respective CCD by May 31st. If a change after the deadline must occur the Instructor and CCD must be consulted about the change in assignment as soon as is reasonable and approval is received by the Dean. (Article 4.5 Conditions of Employment:7.2)

Link [PDF] to the 6th Collective Agreement (CA).