February 8, 2013
The StFXAUT Executive say the Association’s negotiating team is prepared to return to the table anytime to meet with administrators to resolve the 12 day strike.
“The difference between us may seem small overall,” said AUT president Peter McInnis, “but it is significant to individual union members.”
For example, health benefits for academic workers at X have not increased since the union was certified in 2005. The union asked for transparency about how these benefits are being allocated, but this was denied by administration.
In addition, McInnis stated, “We offered real solutions which would help fund our requests and save the university money by offering a reasonable retirement package. These too were refused.
“The administration needs to seriously consider our current offer and stop using financial figures which exaggerate our requests and their offers. We have made numerous concessions. We call for the conclusion of this collective agreement for the benefit of the students and the reputation of the university.”
The AUT encourages students, family members and alumni to contact university administrators and the Board of Governors to encourage a return to negotiations, including:
Sean Riley, President [email protected]

Ramsay Duff, VP Finance [email protected]

Frank McKenna, Chair, StFX Board of Governors [email protected]

Meanwhile, the AUT membership remains steadfast in holding the lines and and the Executive determined to make a deal.
You can follow ongoing developments in the strike on the StFXAUT website and via Facebook and Twitter: