Key Dates from the 5th StFXAUT Collective Agreement

May 31st:

  • The Chair /Coordinator/Director shall inform each Faculty Member, Lab Instructor, and Nurse Educator of the Member’s teaching assignment for the forthcoming Academic year. (Articles 2.0.2:2.1 b, 4.4:8.2, and 5.7:5.0)
  • Faculty Members and Librarians who qualified for a sabbatical leave but the leave was not granted are required to send a letter to their appropriate Dean or University Librarian, and the Chair of the University Council for Research (UCR), indicating revisions or updates to the sabbatical plan or withdrawal of the sabbatical application. (Articles 2.4.1:3.2 and 3.4.1:3.1)
  • Applications for the 2021 University/Research/Publication/Teaching Awards (URPTA) will be accepted until June 1, 2021 (Article 3.3 of LOU COVID-19 Continuing Measures).

June 15th:

  • Announcement of URPTA Awards shall normally be made by June 15 of each academic (Article 2.7.1:5.0)

June 30th:

  • Faculty Members and Librarians holding probationary appointments must advise the Academic Vice-President & Provost and their Dean/Librarian no later than June 30 if they wish to take a one-year extension of their appointment. (Article 1.7 of LOU COVID-19 Continuing Measures)
  • The annual performance review of Coady Program Teaching Associates and Program Teaching Staff, along with the Employee’s response, will be submitted by the relevant Director to Human Resources by June 30 of each year. (Article 6.7:1.0 a and b)

July 1st:

  • Cost of living Increases (indicated %) are effective July 1st (step increases will occur on September 1st).
  • For Laboratory Instructors working 20 or more hours/week and 30 or more weeks per Academic Year (600 hours/ Academic Year), step increases take place on July 1 and cannot exceed the maximum step in the Salary Grid for Laboratory Instructors. (Article 4.5:3.0).

August 1st:

  • Sabbatical Leave applications are due August 1 of the year preceding the year in which the Leave is to be undertaken. (Articles 4.1 and 3.4.1 : 14.1.2).
  • Notices for Part-Time Positions for fall term, winter term, and full year courses shall be posted on or before August 1. (Article 2.10:2.3 e).

August 31st:

  • All Full-Time Employees are required to complete a minimum of four (4) hours of training annually in topics related to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). Employees must report completed training, by means of a form, to Human Resources by October 1 for the period of September 1 to August 31. (Article 1.8:3.1).
  • Faculty Members shall submit an electronic copy of their Annual Report of activities for the previous September 1 to August 31 period. (Article 2.0.1:7.1 (b)).