Sue Adams- response to alumni letter

Dear Mr. Lang,


I’m writing as a three-time alumna of St.F.X. and as a loyal supporter who has over the years donated substantial sums to my alma mater.


I was very troubled by the message sent to alumni on January 29 and further reported in the Chronicle Herald this morning.  I feel it was very inappropriate for such a message to have been co-authored by a senior member of the administration which is involved in a labour dispute.


It was disturbing to read the headline “St.F.X. alumni urge profs to go back to class.” The alumni association has not to my knowledge asked for its members’ views on this situation, nor do I feel as an alumna that I have even been informed in a balanced way by your communication.


Please be informed that the position presented by yourself and the alumni association most certainly does not represent my views.


Susan E. Adams
B.Sc 1972, B.Ed 1974, M.Ad.Ed. 2002