Peter McInnis, President StFXAUT, response to Dr. Riley’s recent letter

From: Peter McInnis
Sent: February-08-13 3:47 PM
To: Dr. Sean Riley
Cc: [email protected]
Subject: Response to Riley Letter
8 February 2013
Dr. Riley:
Your letter of today is deeply disappointing and bodes ill for a satisfactory and timely resolution of our contract differences.
Members of StFXAUT are on strike because the University has consistently failed to make a reasonable offer on important matters.  To move forward, we made a significant move at the bargaining table on Wednesday, 6 February. Your team’s response yesterday was to rebuff our offer and to start negotiating through the media. You are continuing that today.
The only satisfactory solution will be achieved at the bargaining table when our two teams can negotiate an agreement with which we both can live. You know as well as I that arbitrated solutions only postpone problems rather than solve them.
We took a giant step on Wednesday to reach an agreement.  When your team is prepared to resume bargaining seriously, we will be there and ready to conclude an agreement. Until then, the strike will continue.
Sincerely,Peter S. McInnisPresident, StFXAUT