MEMBER UPDATE: February 11, 2013


February 11, 2013


A powerful winter storm on the weekend has prevented picketing today, however, AUT members will be back on the picket lines tomorrow to begin the third week of our strike for a just and equitable contract.


Just a reminder, Bargaining Bulletin #11 is now available on the StFXAUT website. You can access it and an article explaining why Final Offer Arbitration is a bad idea for the AUT by going to the following link:


To summarize, what we want is:


  • – nothing less than a 2% cost of living increase over four years
  • – a say in how our Group Benefits are spent
  • – a shift in Professional Development benefits so as to increase the amount for all full-time members to $600/year
  • – the opportunity to democratically decide the terms of our salary and working conditions
  • – administrators to not redirect our withheld salaries to pay for compelling us to strike.


What we agreed to:


  • – no increase in pension plan contributions from the employer
  • – the administration’s retirement allowance language
  • – the existing value and processes for travel grants


You can follow ongoing developments in the strike on the StFXAUT website and via Facebook and Twitter: and