MEMBER UPDATE #4 – February 12, 2013


February 12, 2013


The StFXAUT Executive and negotiating team will be back at the table with university administrators tomorrow morning ready to secure a fair and equitable agreement for all our members.


AUT president Peter McInnis is pleased that Dr. Sean Riley has agreed to return to negotiations after they broke down last week over the choices presented to the Union of either accepting arbitration or the University’s offer of February 7.


The offer was insufficient and the many arguments against arbitration made both options unacceptable alternatives. With those out of the way we’re optimistic the remaining small gaps between us can be closed with good will negotiation on both sides,” said McInnis. “A negotiated agreement is always superior to an imposed one. It fosters the rebuilding and renewal of trust and transparency between our members and the administration.”


Arbitration is problematic for the union for many reasons, and has both short-term and long-term negative implications. A new information piece on arbitration is being prepared and will be available to all members in the morning.


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