Member update 3; 1 February 2013 re: Solidarity Rally

February 1, 2013

Support for the StFX AUT
Support for the StFX AUT


More than 350 union members, students and community supporters converged on Chisholm Park this afternoon for the StFXAUT’s first Friday Solidarity Rally.


Thirty fly-in and drive-in pickets from across Canada and the Atlantic Provinces came to personally express their solidarity on behalf of their faculty associations, and to provide financial support for our struggle to refocus and reclaim the academic mission at X.


Meanwhile negotiators on both sides returned to the bargaining table at 2 pm today for more talks, following up on yesterday’s informal exploratory discussion.


As StFXAUT president Peter McInnis said, “After compelling us to go on strike and not moving on our proposals for eight months, we welcome the new move by administrators towards transparency. We both need to come to an agreement as soon as possible for the benefit of the university and the community.”


Union members are reminded we will stay on the picket lines until a contract offer is ratified by a democratic vote of the membership.


Please consult the StFXAUT website for ongoing developments and for weather advisories as required. If there is any change in your picket schedule, your picket captain will contact you.


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