Letter to Board of Governors & Ratationale for Continued Job Action

From: Peter McInnis
Sent: February-11-13 9:02 PM
To: Elizabeth McGibbon; Margo Watt; Jim Bickerton; ‘Michael Steinitz
Subject: StFXAUT Rationale for Continued Job Action
Dear StFX BoG representatives:
The Executive Committee of the StFXAUT has directed me to forward this letter intended to inform you, and your fellow Board members, of the perspective of the Association given the state of our current contract impasse. This letter addresses two issues: 1) administration bad faith bargaining; 2) the affordability of the AUT request. As faculty representatives of the BoG we invite you to read the attached letter and to contact us if you have additional questions.
Peter S. McInnis, PhD
President, StFXAUT


Ratationale for Continued Job Action: