Support from C. Cameron- response to alumni letter

I was dismayed to read the headline “St. F.X. Alumni urge profs to go back to class” (Chronicle Herald, Jan. 31). I am an alumnus and I was not asked if I agreed with this pro-administration stance. Neither were any of the other alumni that I have spoken to, including those on the picket line. On whose behalf is the Association speaking when it says “As St. F.X. Alumni…”?
Has the paper been duped by the smooth communication team at the university? The fact that Tim Lang, St. F.X. VP Advancement, co-signed the Alumni Association letter suggests a blatant use of the university communication office to exploit the Association in order to promote the administration’s point of view. More time at the negotiation table and less at the PR table could result in a collective agreement. Many St. F.X AUT members would very much like to see their annual salary come close to Mr. Lang’s reported $40,000 bonus – which is on top of his $188,000-plus salary last year.
Readers should know that a lot of alumni support the St. F.X.AUT. For some balanced information, go to
Sincerely yours,
Colleen Cameron
61 Brookland Street
Antigonish NS, B2G 1V8