Key Dates

Some of the upcoming deadlines in the Fourth Collective Agreement include:


April 1st:
• Requests for a twelve month extension to probationary period for those on pregnancy, adoptive, parental or sick leave for a period of at least 25 consecutive weeks. (Article 4.4 Conditions of Employment:1.0)

April 10th:
• Recipients of the Outstanding Teaching Awards to be notified. (Article 2.7.1 University Research/Publication/Teaching Awards:4.8.1)

April 15th:
• Applications for URPTA, based on research or publication, made to the appropriate Dean, at the Faculty Members’ initiative due. (Article 2.7.1 University Research/Publication/Teaching Awards:3.1)

April 20th:
• The Outstanding Teaching Awards Committee shall notify, in writing, the Deans of Faculty of its selections. (Article 2.7.1 University Research/Publication/Teaching Awards:4.9)


May 15th:
• Submission to the University Librarian by each Librarian of a copy of an Annual Report of professional activities. (Article 3.3 Annual Report:1.0)

• Deadline for performance evaluation of Lab Instructors (unless contract termination date is prior to May 15th. (Article 4.6 Performance Evaluation:2.0)

May 31st:
• The Chair /Coordinator informs each Faculty member in his/her department/IDP in writing of the Faculty Member’s teaching assignment for the forthcoming Academic year. (Article 2.0.2 Chairs of Departments, Coordinators of Interdisciplinary Programs and Assistant Director, School of Nursing:2.3 b)

• Faculty Members who qualified for a sabbatical leave but the leave is not granted are required to send a letter to the Chair, appropriate Dean, and Chair of the University Council for Research (UCR) indicating revisions or updates to the sabbatical plan or withdrawal of the sabbatical application. (Article 2.4.1 Sabbatical Leave:3.2)