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    Susan MacKay

    We all seek a fair, negotiated settlement that benefits all unionized AUT groups. Realistically, the contract that is negotiated this time will not be one without needs for change in future contracts – and lessons from our sister institutions tell us that maturation comes with each iteration. Sacrifices undoubtedly will be made to achieve the remaining goals identified in the meeting of January 25th; the culmination of an immense amount of work by our negotiating team, committees and executive. However, I feel that the immediate call for strike action after conciliation talks is precipitous. There are other options to investigate and implement, thus giving time for the students enrolled in this academic year to complete their course work, rather than be held hostage to the uncertainties that will ensue over the next few days, weeks, and possibly months.

    In September, 2012, we undertook to educate the students enrolled, and I feel that is a commitment that should be honoured.

    At Friday’s meeting (Jan. 25th), I expressed my concern that alternate action was not being adequately considered by the membership. I was invited to put my suggestions into this AUT forum and I do so in good faith and with the hope that it stimulates discussion and more suggestions.

    Some suggestions of job action are as follows:
    1) Rotating (rather than global) strikes e.g. Monday this week; Tuesday next week etc
    2) One or multiple day all-campus strikes
    3) Work-to-teach (exclusion or disruption of committee work)
    4) Picketing selected entrances during University-supported/scheduled events.
    I am sure that our members can think of more suggestions.

    The proposals above would allow students to see out their academic year. If ineffective, this leaves the option for accelerating or decelerating action as progress is or is not made. It would keep the pressure on administration and would allow us to play our hand more strategically, rather than use up all our trump cards in one move. In addition, this form of job action would be better public relations than the very negative reaction we are about to experience.
    Cindy Murphy

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