Fall 2020 President’s Message

This message, published in the Fall 2020 edition of The Beacon, was written by StFXAUT President Martin van Bommel.

Dear StFXAUT Members,

Just over nine months ago we lost our old normal and began to adjust to our new reality. I must admit, I do not like it. Zoom and Teams meetings are poor alternatives to face-to-face unmasked and unmuted interactions; however, we must forge ahead. When I agreed to take on this role in late April, we were just beginning to understand the impact of the pandemic on our daily lives. I never dreamed I would spend the majority of my time on virtual interactions. I had planned to focus on the pursuit of improved collegial governance and fairness and equity for all. I did not realize I would be focusing initially on language for issues arising from the pandemic, the associated increase in workloads brought on by preparing to provide online instruction, the difficulties encountered by many in trying to work from home, and the lack of administrative acknowledgement of the same.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts and achievements of our Members in not only surviving this term but in working to maintain the high standards for which our University is world-renowned. Please know that the Members of your Executive Committee and all other Committees of the AUT continue to work diligently on your behalf and are here if you need us. However, without your engagement and feedback, the work of the AUT would not be accomplished.

Have a safe, restful, and joyous Holiday Season.

Martin vB