Conciliation Update

Posted January 6, 2013: The StFXAUT Executive Committee wishes to update members on the current status of contract negotiations.

Following two additional days of talks this past Friday and Saturday, under the direction of provincial conciliator John Greer, the AUT presented a complete package of contract issues with modifications from our December position. Once again, the administration’s response has been consistently negative with regard to a broad range of monetary and non-monetary issues for the eight groups that constitute our union.

We must, therefore, report no substantive movement on the key issues that our members have prioritized.  Our Negotiating Team of Brad Long, Sherry Bowman, and Bruce Sparks want to make clear they did not “walk out” from the sessions, but rather as there was little evidence that the administration had seriously considered AUT proposals, there ensued a mutual impasse.

Mr. Greer informed both parties that he will file a “no board” report next week – one possible implication of which could be future union/employer-initiated job action. The AUT remains committed to participate actively in ongoing negotiations and we invite the university administration to join with us in the spirit of constructive dialogue leading to a fair collective agreement.

A more detailed update will be made available very soon in an upcoming Bargaining Bulletin. A general meeting of the membership will be announced shortly.