AUT Member Update; 30 January, 2013

AUT Member Update
January 30, 2013 

StFX AUT members on legal strike
StFX AUT members with supporters


As we enter the third day of the strike, pressure is increasing on StFX administrators to get back to the negotiating table. Other unions in the town and province are now respecting our picket lines, and today students will hold a rally to encourage both sides to come together.
The StFXAUT negotiating team is ready to resume talks at any time. We are waiting for administrators to respond to our invitation to engage in constructive negotiations to reach a just agreement.
Meanwhile, our Executive is making every effort to ensure the StFX Board of Governors, who are attending a special meeting today on campus about the strike, will get an accurate portrayal of our contract requests. Three of our faculty representatives, Drs. Elizabeth McGibbon, Michael Steinitz, and Margo Watt, will attend.