A Culture of Entitlement at StFX

Please find linked [PDF] the StFXAUT Bulletin, “Culture of Entitlement @ StFX” outlining the exorbitant spending on administration at StFX that led to the more than doubling of overall compensation for senior administration over the past 10 years, and comparing it to the moderate increases in compensation costs for AUT Members.

As per the final recommendations in the Culture of Entitlement Report [PDF] for all Nova Scotian universities, StFX needs to limit its executive compensation and, instead, prioritize paying a living wage to all employees and preventing precarious employment.

Halle Cordingley, Co-Editor-in-Chief, observed in her recent Xaverian article, Are Students and Faculty Bearing StFX’s Debt?, “It seems in many ways that both the faculty and students are bearing these debts rather than the entire StFX community.”

The Bulletin makes it clear that it is not AUT Members and their compensation that have created the financial stresses reported by the StFX administration.