StFXAUT Collective Agreements & Committee Members

Fourth Collective Agreement

Third Collective Agreement

Second Collective Agreement

First Collective Agreement

Benefits Governance Committee (2 members, elected; 3-year term):
Monica Schuegraf (2019-2022)
Meghan Landry (2019-2022)

Equity Committee (2 members, appointed; 2-year term):
Member (2020-2022)
Member (2020-2022)

IP Committee (2 members, appointed; 3-year term):
Member (2020-2023)
Member (2020-2023)

Joint Committee for the Administration of the Collective Agreement (2 representatives, appointed; 2-year term):
Charlene Weaving (2020-2022)
Rachel Hurst (2020-2022)

Pension Plan Committee (at least 3 representatives, elected; 3-year term):
Bhavik Parikh (2020-2023)
Ken MacAulay (2019-2022)
Mikael Haller (2019-2022)
Opal Leung (2019-2022)
Ping Wang (2019-2022)

StFX Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) (1 representative, elected; 3-year term):
James Braid (2019-2022)
Susan MacKay, StFXAUT Executive Assistant (alternate representative)