President’s Welcome Message

Dear StFXAUT Members,

After a successful winter term on campus and across most of the province, I certainly did not expect to be in another strict lockdown. I was looking forward to circulating around campus meeting with individuals and groups. As we edge closer to another round of negotiations, but also as we continue to negotiate language for our current situation, please know the Members of your Executive Committee and others, including especially the Members of the Salary and Benefits Committee, will be in contact to gain an insight into your particular struggles and concerns both during these difficult times and more generally.

Issues at the national level threatening our sector include the crisis at Laurentian University and the hiring scandal at the University of Toronto. In response to the insolvency process underway at Laurentian, the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT) is calling for the reform of  insolvency legislation, for emergency and long-term federal funding, and for the resignations of Laurentian University senior administration and the Ontario Minister of Advanced Education. Because of the failure of the Administration at the University of Toronto to resolve concerns regarding academic freedom stemming from a hiring scandal in the Faculty of Law, CAUT Council voted to censure the University of Toronto. Censure is a sanction in which academic staff are asked to not accept appointments or speaking engagements at the institution until satisfactory changes are made. Details of both situations can be found on the CAUT website.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the efforts and achievements of our Members in working through such difficult times. Please know your representatives on committees of the AUT continue to work diligently on your behalf and are here if you need us. Without your regular engagement and feedback, the work of the AUT could not be accomplished. We continue to focus on the pursuit of improved collegial governance and fairness and equity for all.

Have a safe and enjoyable summer.

Martin vB